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Your display name is how other people on the site will see you. Please use your real first name, or choose a first name that’s easy to pronounce. Other members of the site may need it to converse with you.

Select the language you want to use when you get support.
Select your native language or the one you speak most fluently. This will appear as your Simbio language in your mini-profile. You'll practice with native speakers in Simbio language exchanges.

Add the languages you know and rate your proficiency so that you can interact with others in games and activities.

  • Beginner: I can understand and produce simple sentences, but cannot carry on a conversation.
  • Conversational: I can carry on a casual conversation and can understand and discuss everyday topics and ideas.
  • Fluent: I thoroughly understand and am comfortable communicating in both written and spoken language. I can interact with native speakers in any situation.
  • Native: I am the most comfortable communicating in this language. This is the language that I have the most experience with.

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Some activities in RWorld prompt you to play a role in a story. We make an effort to match your roles with your gender.


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